Dublin trip

    I occasionally wonder to myself why I don't blog more these days, and I think the answer is that I'm not convinced that other people would be interested in what happens to me from day to day. For example, when writing the books, all that is really involved is a massive amount of time in front of a computer. The finished product is cool, but the process of producing it is actually quite boring.

    (Although I feel that I will one day write up my universal theory of project management... The short summary is something like: "project management is about removing obstacles to delivery of the project -- not deadlines, hassling, gantt charts, or general futzing". Or something like that.) The Dublin trip is similar. I had a good time, although am very tired. I flew Virgin Atlantic premium economy from San Francisco to Heathrow, and then BMI to Dublin. Virgin is great, BMI suck even more than I could have imagined. For example -- they advertise that they have the best on time record of any LHR flying airline, but they were late every time on my trip. Oh, and one of the planes had a power generation engine which didn't work, so we had to deplane in the dark. Oh, and no food. So much suck.

    (Oh, and who knew that the EU had instituted US style 3 ounce / 100 millilitre zip lock bag policies? I didn't.)

    BMI also seem to have a policy of hiring midgets as flight attendants. They were all young women of about five foot tall. I guess that's convenient in a short aircraft, but where does one find a large stock of midgets to hire from?

    The hotel in Dublin was fantastic. It's called the Berkeley Court, and there is no point in saying much more about it because it's being torn down to build office buildings and apartments. How crap. I can't imagine owning one of the lovely Victorian terraces across the street either during or after the construction of yet another identical looking office building.

    Dublin seems to be all about economic growth at the moment. There are plenty of identical looking office buildings around -- some of them even built on top of sites of historical artifacts like Viking settlements. Apparently they didn't even stop to dig up the old things before concreting over them.

    I liked Dublin though.

    It was also odd to see Sinn Fein posters all over the place. I find the transition from the political wing of the IRA to being a main stream political party to be quite strange. (That sentence used to be more harsh, but I edited it down).

    Another odd thing was to discover the stereotypes are true (to a certain extent). There are plenty of drunk folk on the streets on weekends from about lunch onwards.

    I got lots of tourist stuff done in Dublin, but didn't see much of the countryside. Perhaps next time. I did see the National Museum (bog people!), the Chester Beattie National Library (ancient religious texts!), Dublin Castle (Sinead O'Conner in concert preparations!), Malahide Castle, the south wall, and other stuff I don't remember at the moment.

    So there you go. I figure no one finds these posts interesting, so I will continue to write them solely when it amuses me.

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