Rsyncing everything but the data

    Imagine that you have a large collection of data files, and you want to run a script which deletes some of them. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have rsync copy the files, permissions and everything else -- but not the data in the files? It would be really fast, and then you would need to have heaps of disk on the test machine.

    Update: So, it turns out there is a nice way of doing this... How about something along the lines of:

      find . -type d -fprintf /tmp/listing "mkdir -p %p\n"
      find . -type f -fprintf /tmp/listing2 "touch -t %AY%Am%Ad%AH%AM.%AS %p\n"
      ...change to the target directory...
      chmod 711 /tmp/listing /tmp/listing2

    I am sure this can be made nicer too...

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