RemoteWorker v74

    This is the next public release of remoteworker, my distributed internet measurement system used for my survey of internet SMTP servers. I don't intend to do a public release every time the version number increments, because I'm still actively working on the code, as can be seen from the way I've been through four versions in the last fourteen days.

    That said, this release is a big improvement over the previous one. Changes include:

    • No longer force the use of Python 2.4
    • Small TLS probe bug fix (a missing newline in the output)
    • Probe the DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf and find one which appears to work. Previously only the first entry in /etc/resolv.conf was used, which would mean DNS jobs failed on machines with a bad first entry.
    • The service thread will no longer crash if an async job which isn't a SMTP probe exists
    • TLS errors are no longer reported as probe errors, and are instead reported as TLS errors. This means that good probe values aren't clobbered by subsequent TLS errors
    • DNS lookups (DNS-LOOKUP, DNS-REVERSE, and IPV6-DNS-LOOKUP) are now done asynchronously. This is much faster -- with 10,000 lookups taking about seven minutes, even with the default rate limiting
    • Added a user agent for command fetches as well as HTTP-FETCHes
    • Command fetches now support gzip encoding, saving a lot of central server bandwidth. Your central server will also need to support gzip encoding for this to work too

    The source code is here.

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