#include <panda.h>

       void sethorizontalscaling(pdf *, double scaling);


       The  function  sethorizontalscaling  sets  the space to be
       used by each character as a fraction of the space it would
       normally use. For instance, 0.5 scaling would mean use 50%
       of the space for each character  that  would  normally  be
       used.  The  value that is set with this call is sticky and
       will therefore apply  to  all  subsequently  created  text
       boxes  until  the  value of the word spacing is changed to
       something else. The default value for scaling is 1.


       Simply use:
              #include <panda.h>

              pdf *document;

              document = openpdf("filename", "w");
              sethorizontalscaling(document, 0.5);


       Panda   is   under   development    by    Michael    Still
       (mikal@stillhq.com).  All  code is Copyright Michael Still
       2000, and is released under the GPL. Code submissions  are
       welcomed. Contact Michael at the address above if you have
       something you would like to contribute.


       There are no known bugs in Panda. If you find one,  please
       contact mikal@stillhq.com and let me know.


       This information relates to version 0.2 of Panda

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