How are we going with Nova Kilo specs after our review day?

    Time for another summary I think, because announcing the review day seems to have caused a rush of new specs to be filed (which wasn't really my intention, but hey). We did approve a fair few specs on the review day, so I think overall it was a success. Here's an updated summary of the state of play:


    API (EC2)

    • Expand support for volume filtering in the EC2 API: review 104450.
    • Implement tags for volumes and snapshots with the EC2 API: review 126553 (fast tracked, approved).


    • Actively hunt for orphan instances and remove them: review 137996 (abandoned); review 138627.
    • Check that a service isn't running before deleting it: review 131633.
    • Enable the nova metadata cache to be a shared resource to improve the hit rate: review 126705 (abandoned).
    • Implement a daemon version of rootwrap: review 105404.
    • Log request id mappings: review 132819 (fast tracked).
    • Monitor the health of hypervisor hosts: review 137768.
    • Remove the assumption that there is a single endpoint for services that nova talks to: review 132623.

    Block Storage

    • Allow direct access to LVM volumes if supported by Cinder: review 127318.
    • Cache data from volumes on local disk: review 138292 (abandoned); review 138619.
    • Enhance iSCSI volume multipath support: review 134299.
    • Failover to alternative iSCSI portals on login failure: review 137468.
    • Give additional info in BDM when source type is "blank": review 140133.
    • Implement support for a DRBD driver for Cinder block device access: review 134153.
    • Refactor ISCSIDriver to support other iSCSI transports besides TCP: review 130721 (approved).
    • StorPool volume attachment support: review 115716.
    • Support Cinder Volume Multi-attach: review 139580 (approved).
    • Support iSCSI live migration for different iSCSI target: review 132323 (approved).


    Containers Service


    Hypervisor: Docker

    Hypervisor: FreeBSD

    • Implement support for FreeBSD networking in nova-network: review 127827.

    Hypervisor: Hyper-V

    Hypervisor: Ironic

    Hypervisor: VMWare

    • Add ephemeral disk support to the VMware driver: review 126527 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Add support for the HTML5 console: review 127283.
    • Allow Nova to access a VMWare image store over NFS: review 126866.
    • Enable administrators and tenants to take advantage of backend storage policies: review 126547 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Enable the mapping of raw cinder devices to instances: review 128697.
    • Implement vSAN support: review 128600 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Support multiple disks inside a single OVA file: review 128691.
    • Support the OVA image format: review 127054 (fast tracked, approved).

    Hypervisor: libvirt

    Instance features


    • A lock-free quota implementation: review 135296.
    • Automate the documentation of the virtual machine state transition graph: review 94835.
    • Fake Libvirt driver for simulating HW testing: review 139927 (abandoned).
    • Flatten Aggregate Metadata in the DB: review 134573 (abandoned).
    • Flatten Instance Metadata in the DB: review 134945 (abandoned).
    • Implement a new code coverage API extension: review 130855.
    • Move flavor data out of the system_metadata table in the SQL database: review 126620 (approved).
    • Move to polling for cinder operations: review 135367.
    • PCI test cases for third party CI: review 141270.
    • Transition Nova to using the Glance v2 API: review 84887.
    • Transition to using glanceclient instead of our own home grown wrapper: review 133485 (approved).


    • Enable lazy translations of strings: review 126717 (fast tracked).



    • Dynamically alter the interval nova polls components at based on load and expected time for an operation to complete: review 122705.


    • A nested quota driver API: review 129420.
    • Add a filter to take into account hypervisor type and version when scheduling: review 137714.
    • Add an IOPS weigher: review 127123 (approved, implemented); review 132614.
    • Add instance count on the hypervisor as a weight: review 127871 (abandoned).
    • Allow extra spec to match all values in a list by adding the ALL-IN operator: review 138698 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Allow limiting the flavors that can be scheduled on certain host aggregates: review 122530 (abandoned).
    • Allow the remove of servers from server groups: review 136487.
    • Convert get_available_resources to use an object instead of dict: review 133728 (abandoned).
    • Convert the resource tracker to objects: review 128964 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Create an object model to represent a request to boot an instance: review 127610 (approved).
    • Decouple services and compute nodes in the SQL database: review 126895 (approved).
    • Enable adding new scheduler hints to already booted instances: review 134746.
    • Fix the race conditions when migration with server-group: review 135527 (abandoned).
    • Implement resource objects in the resource tracker: review 127609.
    • Improve the ComputeCapabilities filter: review 133534.
    • Isolate Scheduler DB for Filters: review 138444.
    • Isolate the scheduler's use of the Nova SQL database: review 89893.
    • Let schedulers reuse filter and weigher objects: review 134506 (abandoned).
    • Move select_destinations() to using a request object: review 127612 (approved).
    • Persist scheduler hints: review 88983.
    • Refactor allocate_for_instance: review 141129.
    • Stop direct lookup for host aggregates in the Nova database: review 132065 (abandoned).
    • Stop direct lookup for instance groups in the Nova database: review 131553 (abandoned).
    • Support scheduling based on more image properties: review 138937.
    • Trusted computing support: review 133106.



    • Make key manager interface interoperable with Barbican: review 140144 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Provide a reference implementation for console proxies that uses TLS: review 126958 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Strongly validate the tenant and user for quota consuming requests with keystone: review 92507.

    Service Groups


    • Add soft affinity support for server group: review 140017 (approved).

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