Specs for Kilo

    Here's an updated list of the specs currently proposed for Kilo. I wanted to produce this before I start travelling for the summit in the next couple of days because I think many of these will be required reading for the Nova track at the summit.


    • Add instance administrative lock status to the instance detail results: review 127139 (abandoned).
    • Add more detailed network information to the metadata server: review 85673.
    • Add separated policy rule for each v2.1 api: review 127863.
    • Add user limits to the limits API (as well as project limits): review 127094.
    • Allow all printable characters in resource names: review 126696.
    • Expose the lock status of an instance as a queryable item: review 85928 (approved).
    • Implement instance tagging: review 127281 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Implement tags for volumes and snapshots with the EC2 API: review 126553 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Implement the v2.1 API: review 126452 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Microversion support: review 127127.
    • Move policy validation to just the API layer: review 127160.
    • Provide a policy statement on the goals of our API policies: review 128560.
    • Support X509 keypairs: review 105034.


    • Enable the nova metadata cache to be a shared resource to improve the hit rate: review 126705 (abandoned).
    • Enforce instance uuid uniqueness in the SQL database: review 128097 (fast tracked, approved).

    Containers Service

    Hypervisor: Docker

    Hypervisor: FreeBSD

    • Implement support for FreeBSD networking in nova-network: review 127827.

    Hypervisor: Hyper-V

    • Allow volumes to be stored on SMB shares instead of just iSCSI: review 102190 (approved).

    Hypervisor: Ironic

    Hypervisor: VMWare

    • Add ephemeral disk support to the VMware driver: review 126527 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Add support for the HTML5 console: review 127283.
    • Allow Nova to access a VMWare image store over NFS: review 126866.
    • Enable administrators and tenants to take advantage of backend storage policies: review 126547 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Enable the mapping of raw cinder devices to instances: review 128697.
    • Implement vSAN support: review 128600 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Support multiple disks inside a single OVA file: review 128691.
    • Support the OVA image format: review 127054 (fast tracked, approved).

    Hypervisor: libvirt

    Instance features


    • Move flavor data out of the system_metdata table in the SQL database: review 126620 (approved).
    • Transition Nova to using the Glance v2 API: review 84887.


    • Enable lazy translations of strings: review 126717 (fast tracked).


    • Dynamically alter the interval nova polls components at based on load and expected time for an operation to complete: review 122705.


    • Add an IOPS weigher: review 127123 (approved).
    • Add instance count on the hypervisor as a weight: review 127871 (abandoned).
    • Allow limiting the flavors that can be scheduled on certain host aggregates: review 122530 (abandoned).
    • Convert the resource tracker to objects: review 128964 (fast tracked, approved).
    • Create an object model to represent a request to boot an instance: review 127610.
    • Decouple services and compute nodes in the SQL database: review 126895.
    • Implement resource objects in the resource tracker: review 127609.
    • Isolate the scheduler's use of the Nova SQL database: review 89893.
    • Move select_destinations() to using a request object: review 127612.


    • Provide a reference implementation for console proxies that uses TLS: review 126958 (fast tracked).
    • Strongly validate the tenant and user for quota consuming requests with keystone: review 92507.

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