Please help me test trunk

    I'm preparing a new release of MythNetTV, and would like some help testing the code, as I have re-factored how the user interface works and there is some risk that I have broken things in the process. You can get the code like this:

      svn co

    That will create a directory called mythnettv, with a subdirectory named trunk, which is the latest development version of the code. You should probably create that directory somewhere where you don't mind a new directory being created.

    The biggest change is that the command line syntax has changed slightly -- the dashes have been removed from the commands. Therefore, to update your list of feeds, you now use:

        mythnettv update

    Instead of:

        mythnettv --update

    And so on. This was done so that I could add "real" flags, which are used to change default values like where the database configuration is read from, as well as what the default location for the temporary data directory is.

    "Real" flags which are currently supported are:

        --datadirdefault:  The default location of the data directory
          (default: 'data')
        --db_host:  The name of the host the MySQL database is on,
                    don't define if you want to parse
                    ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt instead
          (default: '')
        --db_name:  The name of the database which MythNetTV uses,
                    don't define if you want to parse 
                    ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt instead
          (default: '')
        --db_password:  The password for the database user, don't
                    define if you want to parse 
                    ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt instead
          (default: '')
        --db_user:  The name of the user to connect to the database
                    with, don't define if you want to parse 
                    ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt instead
          (default: '')
        --[no]commflag:  Run the mythcommflag command on new videos
          (default: 'true')

    (These are the result of adding the gflags module back into the implementation).

    I am hoping to release this version in the next few days, so if you find any bugs please send email to the mailing list.

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