MythNetTV release 4

    New things in this release:

    • Removed gflags because people found it hard to find
    • Bug fix patch from David Linville applied
      • Fixed broken imports caused by refactoring
      • Transcode not needed for avc1 and m4v
    • Another bug fix patch from David Linville applied
      • Store filesize in the db
    • Removed some namespace imports I am not a fan of
    • Made verbosity optional for --update
    • Small code cleanups
    • Let the user know of repeated attempts to download a program
    • Documented the need for bittornado for bittorrent to work
    • Abandon downloading after 3 failed attempts (you can configure the number)
    • Detect stuck bittorrent downloads

    Release 3 had a few bugs folks reported, this release should fix those problems. Let me know if you still see any. You can grab your copy here.

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