MythNetTV release 3

    New things in this release:

    • Started work on an RSS exporter for MythTV recordings
    • DX50 doesn't need transcode
    • Tweaked supported video mime types so "Tikibar TV" and "Ask a ninja" work
    • First cut of Bittorrent support
    • Schema upgrades
    • Archive recordings as well as importing them
    • Improved --list output
    • Subtitle restrictions on download as well
    • Make subscriptions inactive instead of deleting them (for unsubscribe)
    • Better filename safening
    • More markread options
    • Refactored code to be more sane
    • Don't archive things imported from the archive location
    • Bulk import (--importmanylocal)

    This version was a long time coming. Sorry about that. You can grab your copy here.

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