MythNetTV release 1

    I figured it was time for another release of MythNetTV, especially since I've fixed some bugs recently and rolled in code generously provided by George Nassas. New things in this release:

    • Initial work on transcoding smaller files to something else
    • Better error checking for MySQL configuration and accessibility
    • Fixed bug where MythNetTV was unhappy if there were no channels configured in the MySQL database
    • Found, and hopefully fixed, a bug where program dates were not always being tracked correctly. Also added a check to make sure this doesn't happen again
    • Added --markread, which lets you mark old shows as already downloaded

    The code has seen a fair bit of use now, so it should be fairly stable. Let me know if you find any problems...

      $ ./mythnettv --statistics
      Programs tracked: 735
        Google EngEdu: 350
        Scoble Show: 85 2007: 74
        Mobuzz TV: 82 32
        Net Cafe: 2
        Foo: 1
        ABC News: 2
        Australia: 1
        Play School: 1
        Diggnation: 72
      Programs still to download: 50
        Google EngEdu: 49
        Diggnation: 1
      Data transferred: 103 gb (111017264341 bytes)

    Get it here if you care:

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