MythIPTV Beta 2

    Just announced. It was either do the washing, or this:

      Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 10:11:09 -0800
      From: Michael Still 
      To: Discussion about mythtv 
      Subject: MythIPTV Beta 2
      Hi again.
      There's a new version of MythIPTV now at
      This version adds the following:
       - subscription management: you can add RSS URLs to watch,
         list them, update them (download new versions of the XML and
         import the shows), and remove them
       - ad hoc video management: add a remote URL to the TODO list,
         download a remote URL and import it now, import a local file
       - transcoding: it's quite probable that you'll encounter a
         video format which isn't know. Please report it if you do
       - statistics: how many programs do I have? how many are waiting
         to download? how much data have I downloaded so far?
       - reporting: what shows would be downloaded next? what does the
         internal log say about the state of MythIPTV?
      Once again, this is a beta, so good backups are needed. I would love more feedback.
      Oh, and you _really_ need mplayer and mencoder installed now. Really.

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