Nice touch

    Ok, so I don't know about you, but pretty much the only time I have a copy of Windows these days is when I take delivery of a new laptop like I did this morning, before I get around to installing Linux on it. To verify that my download and cdrecord had produced something valid, I just stuck the Ubuntu Dapper CD I just made into the CD ROM drive on this Windows laptop.

    It's really cool. It launches an application with the autorun stuff on Windows, and then offers to let me install open source on the Windows partition. It's like a small version of the OpenCD (and was in fact done with their help). Applications it offers to install:

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Abiword
    • Gaim
    • The Gimp

    It's a nice touch that the CD can be used for this sort of thing as well. Like all ideas, it's so obvious now that I've seen it done, and it makes me wonder why other distros haven't been doing this for a while.

    Another on Mikal's rocks list for the day -- Ubuntu.

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