A first taste of Ubuntu

    For the skunk works project I had a need for a Ubuntu box, so I did an install on an old piece of c**p Pentium two box I had lying around. It's my first time installing Ubuntu, and I must say I'm impressed:

    • The installer didn't ask me for partition sizes, it just went with reasonable defaults once I had told it to blow away all of my whopping 4gb disc
    • It automatically checked the checksum of each package on the CD, although I imagine that doesn't help much if the entire CD can't be trusted
    • It then went off an did it's thing with no more prompting except for host name and a user account
    • I wonder id the installer changes the list of packages it installs based on the size of the target filesystem. That would be cool...
    • Anyways, after a bit you reboot and apt magic happens without prompting
    • They even overwrite /etc/apt/sources.list with Internet sources and do an apt-get update so it's ready to fly
    • I was impressed over all

    No, if only they had ImageMagick in the base install...

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