A further update on Robyn's health

    I apologize if there are factual inaccuracies in this post. It has been written with the best information I have available at the time.

    Here's a status update on what I know about Robyn's condition. She has been in the ICU at RPA in Sydney since about noon yesterday. All of her children made it up to see her, although she has been heavily sedated in the ICU and cannot respond to conversation with the kids. As part of the ICU process they have surgically implanted a series of devices, including dialysis, breathing assistance, and a feeding tube. My understanding is that the sedation is mostly about reducing panic about these devices.

    As best as I am aware the transplant meeting is still going ahead today. The doctors yesterday were saying that the battle isn't over, so that was at least slightly reassuring. Apparently it isn't unexpected for someone awaiting a liver transplant to have sudden flare ups.

    I have been getting a lot of requests for information, which is nice in that its obvious that lots of people care deeply about Robyn. Its amazing how many people she has touched in her life. I have therefore created a mailing list I will send these updates to for those who don't want to check here regularly. You can find details for the list here.

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