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    I apologize if there are factual inaccuracies in this post. It has been written with the best information I have available at the time.

    My mother in law, Robyn Boland, has had severe liver problems for a long time, and has been in and out of hospital in Canberra for at least a year. This was one of the major factors in being unable to move to Sydney for Google, and was one of the reasons I was ultimately laid off by them. However, Robyn's condition has been getting worse recently and she was transfered to Sydney about two weeks ago. The transfer was because RPA is the regional specialist hospital in liver problems.

    On Friday I got a call from the resident overseeing Robyn's care. I was told that her liver had basically failed, and that it only had months of any form of operation remaining at best. The liver failure has resulted in the kidney's having to do more work than normal, and they are now failing under the additional workload. The doctors wanted to put Robyn on the transplant waiting list, which we of course agreed to.

    However, this morning we got a call that Robyn is now much worse, and has been moved into intensive care after requiring a crash cart to resuscitate. Emily and Justin were already at the hospital, but the other kids are now flying to Sydney as rapidly as they can to be there. I am staying home for now to look after the kids. We obviously don't know what the likely outcome is at this stage, but things are looking pretty grim to be honest.

    So, I'm pretty distracted at the moment. If you've emailed me about conference stuff or anything else, I apologize and will work through the mail backlog as soon as I can.

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