ov511 hackery

    I just had to disassemble my Genius ov511 based web cam to get it working again. I suspect that the USB connector on the machine side of the cable is starting to get a little flakey, as shown by the discolouring in the picture below:

    Anyhoo, here's a dump of the colour coding for USB cables in case it comes in handy:

     USB cables
    A standard USB cable has 4 wires in it, plus shield:
        * red: VCC (5Volt, max. 100mA/500mA)
        * black: Gnd
        * white: D0-
        * green: D0+ (I've seen a blue wire used instead here by some USB cables)
        * shield: Drain-wire (usually connected to the case) 
    The power wires (red and black) are usually a bit thicker, than the data ones (white and green). 
    The maximum current without anything done before is only 100mA, but the device can request the 
    host to "give more power". If the host confirms this request, a maximum current of 500mA is possible. 

    That's stolen from the Xbox USB Cable Howto.

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