Movies I have seen recently

    Simon occasionally discusses the movies he's seen recently in his blog, and I thought I could perhaps do the same. Best of all, it might help me remember what I've seen and what sucked for next time I need to watch a movie... So here we go:

    • Pay it forward: I'd been meaning to see this one for a while. It's good. Really good. Although Catherine did cry at the end.
    • XXX: It's terrible. Vin Diesel is a terrible actor, and it just doesn't make enough sense to even be fun.
    • The fast and the furious: Okish. Perhaps. Again, the plot was weak, and Vin isn't a very good actor.
    • The fast and the furious 2: It's a bad sign when they can't even convince Vin to be involved.
    • Space cowboys: It was fun, but there were some plot holes... I didn't particularly believe the "fly me to the moon" ending either.
    • Jonny English: I lasted five minutes
    • Blade runner: I love this movie. I was even inspired enough to buy the PKD book, which I will comment more on when I've finished reading.
    • Charlies Angels 2: I don't think I followed the plot enough to even finish it.

    That's all I can think of now... In retrospect, most of them were terrible. Perhaps that explains why they were free with my cable subscription...

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