LCA organisers do the darndest things

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    (13:59:59) mikal: Heh
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    (14:05:25) Alex_2: teehee
    (14:06:05) TBBle: Uhhh...?
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    (14:08:32) mithro: so where are people atm?
    (14:08:40) mithro: still eating pizza or in talks?
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    (14:08:55) pigeon: i'm at t2 about gameboy advance
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    (14:10:13) mithro: pigeon: hows it going?
    (14:10:42) pigeon: so far so good... going thru the hardware spec atm, some introduction stuff
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    (14:13:23) pigeon: mithro: u?
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    (14:15:27) pizzathief: daniel stone only write his talk last night while suffering from the flu , I hope he's ok in there
    (14:15:33) pizzathief: wrote
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    (14:17:09) LapTop006: pizzathief: you've been to a danny talk before
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    (14:17:18) LapTop006: this is probably the most prepared he's ever been
    (14:17:23) LapTop006: and it's not bad
    (14:18:19) mithro: i'm in the floppy disc block driver talk
    (14:18:53) pizzathief: suspend2 got cancelled?
    (14:19:07) davyd: it was yesterday, I think
    (14:19:11) mtearle_ [~mtearle@] entered the room.
    (14:19:12) davyd: didn't it get moved to yesterday?
    (14:19:26) pizzathief: doh
    (14:19:29) Alex_3: It's on now in MCC1
    (14:19:38) Lathiat: according to #lca1 its on now
    (14:20:04) pizzathief: so there's 4 talks on now
    (14:20:06) pizzathief: cool
    (14:20:07) mithro: no
    (14:20:09) Alex_3: No!
    (14:20:24) mithro: everyone called, fd.o
    (14:20:33) pizzathief: oic
    (14:20:33) Alex_3: Suspend2, gameboy, Desktop Linux
    (14:20:35) mithro: fd.o is the floopy disk block driver :P
    (14:20:43) pizzathief: yes, just got that
    (14:20:45) pizzathief: sorry
    (14:20:58) Alex_3: pizzathief: we have a job for you...
    (14:21:06) Alex_3: pizzathief: go steal some pizza?
    (14:21:28) pizzathief: unfortunately my stomach is full , so I can't really steal any more
    (14:22:12) pizzathief: plus I've paid for it , so i can't really "steal" it
    (14:22:31) Alex_3: Well, you could assume that a sponsor paid for it
    (14:22:42) pizzathief: true
    (14:22:46) ***mtearle_ burps
    (14:22:50) ***mtearle_ was full too
    (14:22:52) Alex_2: or steal pieces that someone else paid for
    (14:22:53) Alex_3: The rego price is subsidised by them after all.
    (14:23:06) Alex_3: mtearle: take some pizza back to perth with you? It's a long flight
    (14:23:20) pizzathief: I could stick some in my pockets
    (14:23:21) Lathiat: heh
    (14:23:26) ***Lathiat grins at pizzathief 
    (14:23:26) ***mtearle_ shudders
    (14:23:38) ***Alex_2 suggests some kind of pizza sculpture
    (14:23:47) Alex_3: Heh
    (14:24:15) pizzathief: massive tux made out of pizza
    (14:24:21) pizzathief: it won't melt this time
    (14:24:29) pizzathief: er , pizza boxes
    (14:24:31) Alex_1: I can see a larger than life mosaic of "tridge the saint"
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    (14:25:37) pizzathief: my laptop's name is "pizzabox"
    (14:25:46) davyd left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
    (14:26:03) Alex_2: ok, back to normal
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    I am so in the Alex zone.

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