Winners (well, most of them) for the Sun Regional Delegate Programme announced

    (Sorry this took so long. We've actually had the list of winners for a while, but there were procedural stuff which held up an earlier release) 2005 is pleased to announce the winners of the 2005 Sun Regional Delegate Program (RDP). As always, would like to that Sun for their kind support for this programme, without which it would not be possible for the following 9 people to attend

    Read for details about the RDP.

    Also another lucky person who submitted to the Regional Delegates Program will be announced as the National winner at the conference opening and be presented with a fantastic prize by Sun. This is above and beyond their seat at 2005.

    The winners are:


    The ACT winner is Burn Alting, who has been working with Unix and open source since 1978, including contributions to many open source projects and initiatives over the years, Burn is an active member of the Canberra Linux community.


    Our winner from the Northern Territory is Anthony Hornby, who is the secretary of DARLUG. Not only does Anthony use FOSS at work, but he is also actively promoting open access publishing and the creative commons amongst his librarian colleagues. Anthony is currently working on an honours degree project to implement a database to help enable indigenous Australians to preserve some of their culture electronically for future generations. This project when complete will be released under an OSS licence.


    The winner from New South Wales is Darryl Lynch. Darryl is a member of OSIA (Open Source Industry Australia living in regional NSW. He has been working with his local community on ways to adopt open source in the local community, and seeks to make more contacts at the conference to assist with this.


    The Queensland winner is Ben Martin. He is the author of the libferris virtual file system project, which has recently had desktop search capabilities added as detailed in the February 2005 Linux Journal. The file system talks at are especially of interest to Ben.


    The South Australian winner Kylie Willison is passionate about teaching computing and have been teaching for six years. She is a volunteer using Linux in the workplace, training people to use Linux, giving away open source software and advocating Linux for other local community organisations. The better equipped she is to teach, maintain systems and run networks the better profile Linux will gain in the community.


    Ben Powell is the Tasmanian winner. As TasLUG's Southern coordinator, he has worked to improve TasLUG's profile as a focal point for learning and advocacy for the FOSS community. After working in technology roles where he advocated FOSS solutions (for example Tasmania's eGovernment unit and consulting), he began studying IP law to give back to FOSS in areas where he believes his skills to best contribute to the Linux community as a whole.


    Gordon Heydon, the Victorian winner is a contributor to Drupal and Debian, and other projects. He has been active within the Linux community for the last 9 years, both in the assisting of other people with open source and helping businesses adopt open source.


    The Western Australian winner, Trent Lloyd, is an excellent opportunity to encourage a younger member of the community. Over the last year or two he has been making small contributions to GNOME related projects (mostly evolution), as well as working on a multi cast DNS library. As he is a student living away from home, having Sun provide an opportunity for him to attend the conference is a significant boon.

    New Zealand

    For the first time this year we're offering a RDP slot to a New Zealander. This year's winner is Vik Olliver, who has introduced Linux and open source to a variety of companies in New Zealand. Attending 2005 will improve his ability to guide these companies and others, in turn spreading open source among more clients and enlarging the base of potential developers.

    Sun were also keen to involve people from New Zealand as will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand next year.

    Less than three weeks to go to See you all there.

    Steve and the 2005 Crew.

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