Open Computing in Government

    Grant just sent me the following about the Open Computing in Government co-conference to 2005, which is running on our mini-conf days. I think it deserves more publicity, so here we go:

      Open Computing in Government 2005 has two days packed with a great range of topics covering areas such as evolving best practices with open source software; new case studies revealing what's really being done in Government with open standards, open source, and open formats; and shared experiences amongst public sector IT, policy makers, IT officials, interest groups and industry servicing the government sphere.

      A highlight of this year's conference is the keynote presentation by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Thawte and the Ubuntu project, and contributor to many, many more open source initiatives. Come and hear how open source led Mark to be the first African in space!

      Registrations are open at

    So go and register!

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