Off visiting

    This morning Steven, Tony, Kristy and I went off the see a possible venue for the professional delegate's networking session. I wont mention where it is, as these things are traditionally kept secret until just before the event, but it was a nice venue, and I think it will keep people interested. There is more to do there than just eat and talk to people, which means that people wont be forced into an awkward social situation. Having intesting things around you also gives some sort of common ground to start off a conversation with.

    The only problem is that if too many people are professionals, the venue might not hold us all...

    Then after that off to a Canberra mechandise company to talk about some nice Chambre shirts for people who need to go out places representing the conference. The people involved will have to pay for their own shirts, much like the promotional ones, but it still makes us seem a lot more professional.

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