Taking over a launch pad project

    A while ago Thomas Mashos registered a launch pad project for MythNetTV (here for those that care). Launch pad annoys me quite a bit, although thats probably because I'm failing to understand how to use it in some way. So, perhaps people have guidance for me. Some questions:

    • How do I take over ownership of the project?
    • How do I mark bugs as resolved / fixed / finalized? They just seem to hang around in "fix committed".
    • How do I delete a blueprint that someone submitted that isn't going to get implemented?
    • Given I wrote all the code, and fixed all the bugs, how come someone who writes a two paragraph blueprint that is never going to get implemented gets more Karma than me? Not that I think the Karma system really matters, but it does seem ridiculous.
    • How do I tell launchpad the code is stored in an external SVN repository?

    Here's hoping someone can make launch pad less annoying for me.

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