Comcast Lies

    I know you're all dying to hear about how much Comcast sucks. I imagine that what is happening is that I am suffering under Comcast discovering that during an economic downturn people start cancelling optional services like expensive pay TV. Anyways, several weeks ago Comcast jacked up our bill (nearly doubling it), so we called. They said "try this other line up which is cheaper". We said "ok". After a day or so it was evident that the service didn't work, and we created a service order. The installer came out, had a look, and said that the service we had been sold could never have worked because we were analog customers and needed digital to get the channels we had been sold. Anyways, he convinced us to convert to digital, and that got us a new low rate again. Until the bill came and was double what we had been told by the installer's dispatcher it would be.

    So we rang Comcast yet again. They said we were lying and had to pay the higher rate. I explained that calling my wife a liar was a bad plan, and they could either honour the stated rate or we'd cancel. The account is now cancelled, so you can see how that ended.

    I know that Comcast has a reputation for terrible customer service, but this is the first time I've experienced it. Wow, such arrogance. To be honest, I'm glad we cancelled the account. I can get two 4-disk-at-a-time deals from Netflix for what the low rate was meant to be with Comcast (yes, we could have got 16 disks at once with what Comcast wanted us to pay). What we'll probably do is some combination of free to air, Netflix DVDs, Netflix streaming, and buying DVDs for the kids. All up we'll end up with more content, at a higher quality, for less money. So there you go.

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