The differences between stress and depression?

    (This is a little out of left field and a lot more open than I am normally here. That might be a good thing, it might be a bad thing. If you're more interested in discussions on computing, cubicles, children, or crayons I recommend you skip this post. In fact, perhaps I should ask for feedback about whether this kind of post will make me unemployable or something.)

    So, I've been feeling kinda depressed recently, or so I thought. I went and saw Patrick my doctor recently and he suggested that I'm not depressed, just under too much stress. The symptoms I've been exhibiting are:

    • I'm more irritable than normal
    • Needing a lot more sleep than I used to, and am still always tired
    • Finding it hard to get motivated
    • Loss of appetite

    Or at least there the ones I can remember at the moment. Now, I don't have a lot of reason to actually be depressed when I think about it rationally: the PhD is doing well, I have a face to face interview with Google soon, the kids are doing great, I have interesting work to do at work (even if I don't agree with everything which happens there), I have this random skunk works project which I can soon mention. I'm busy, but not being trampled.

    On the flip side, I really feel like I'm getting older. Bits of me that I don't like hurting hurt more. I'm going gray. I'm no longer the youngest guy in the section at work (I was for a long time). Heck, I have two kids and two house loans!

    Perhaps that's an argument as to why I am just stressed -- I can't actually think of anything more wrong in my life than battles over whether I need to pay for a parking space at work or not.

    Then again, it's pretty compelling that I just feel that the world is getting me down.

    Bah. Whatever. I have work to do so I better get on with it. Just ignore the grumpy old man.

    Update: Oh, that's the other thing I forgot to mention. How does one go about actually decreasing their stress levels? Do you try to care less about things? Do you do less? What?

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