Technorati search results polluted by porn blogs

    Interesting. I just did a search for "records management" and "document management" and got porn results in the list returned. Specifically, [LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK NETWORKS WITH PRUDES ADMINISTERING THEM] this one [/LINK].

    In fact, eight of the search results on the first page seem to be porn spam to me:

      records management
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            12 minutes ago
            WAY TO GOSome people in the newspaper industry...
            24 minutes ago
                , the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The newspapers want a federal judge to enforce the Freedom of Information Act and make 
      those agencies turn over public records concerning the distribution of federal... in Florida to obtain the public records. "Just as 
      frustrating as the lack of information is the lack 
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            Adaptive Network Security Solutions from Vernier...
            26 minutes ago
                Vernier Networks Adaptive Network Security Solution Protects Patient Records While Offering Latest... Portability & Accountability 
      Act (HIPAA) to protect online patient records. Howard County Hospital... amount of work to provide them with access to patient records via 
      the hospital's network. We had to find 
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            Famous short stories for children how to...
            29 minutes ago
                resource on the sexy pictures prevention and management of diabetes, erotic funny short stories... criminal records check 
      children's poe short stories Great Gynecologists Essence, cam'ron lyrics Nov... manage high heels the disease. Joslin offers a Disease the 
      best american erotic short stories Management 
            Plot Thickens In Missing Tribal Contributions!
            30 minutes ago
                for in public records where federal regulators say it should be listed. Other tribes involved in payments... history with the 
      Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, was the founder of the casino management company 
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            Jobble Network, Mar 15.
            1 minute ago
                the Network Administration and Service Management area of responsibility. Maintain accurate records... accurate records in the 
      inventory of all services that are within the Network Administration and Service Management Group budget.*Submit area logging system updates 
      to central database.*Resolve all 
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            Asian teen porn Arch Intern Med 1984; 144: 325-...
            1 hour ago
                naturistphotos on the same area this may have social security death records something to do... health is so intense that I almost 
      get in management recruiters tears when ejaculating, therefore i 
            National and International Health News - Drift...
            1 hour ago
                an outbreak could kill two million people in the UK. Cut NHS management, Lib Dems say - BBC Health News 13/03/05 The Liberal 
      Democrats are promising to get rid of middle management in the NHS in a bid... a document giving details of babies on an immunisation list 
      was found in a river. Medical records found 
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            Still Waiting For The New GNR Album?
            1 hour ago
                since he signed the then-unknown rock band Guns N' Roses to a contract with Geffen Records, where... of music business turmoil. The 
      singer, whose management said he could not be reached for comment...." Geffen Records was riding toward an uncertain destiny as well; its 
      founder, David Geffen, retired 
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            Plus size silk lingerie Affected animals are...
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                - sleeping) ? jamie oliver rhino records Note at the link that under pvc lingerie plus size "Caused.../ destabilization of the 
      event management immune system I have found in household tool box pets 
            1 hour ago
                for Retail Management. The product is so wide in its approach, that it could be used on a single shop.... Project Name : Time Sheet 
      and Attendance Software And Visitor Management Software Duration... its impact on Employees/Management. Also another specification was to be 
      prepared for the  
            1 hour ago
                solution for Retail Management. The product is so wide in its approach, that it could be used... and to develop a few modules. 
      Project Name : Time Sheet and Attendance Software And Visitor Management... and Attendance Software plus its impact on Employees/Management. 
      Also another specification 
            Anime toon porn sex 1 optima year. If yes how...
            1 hour ago
                of a sibling being exposed, records management conditional on his or her affected (ie, anime lesbian 
            Amsterdam daily planet brothel guide Becker ...
            1 hour ago
                of obesity (43 vs. diving Global strategy for the diagnosis, afs management and prevention of chronic... function in chronic hernia 
      symptoms obstructive pulmonary disease. However, vinyl records 
            The Ides of March Are Here
            1 hour ago
                , significant management experience and broad knowledge of the factors affecting our industry. I... the release of records under 
      the US Freedom of Information Act. Under the act, government agencies 
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            Real lesbian sex free (4) corn pudding ...
            2 hours ago
                pictures stories p 0.04). submarine photos circus circus The second phase usually begins nfl records... prompted a change 
      canterbury cathedral in the standard management of sebaceous nude pics nevi to include 
            Long free encyclopedia of lesbian movies In...
            2 hours ago
                are presented in Table 5 in atlantic records descending order of percentage they california secretary of state... disease (GERD). 
      Lipid management lesbian porn free movies aimed at lowering LDL cholesterol, belly... of lipid management and pinellas county property 
      appraiser aspirin prophylaxis in the prevention 
            REV: Disney-Miramax divorce proceedings
            2 hours ago
                with deep financial pockets. For Mr. Eisner, whose brusque management style has been widely chronicled... on behalf of the 
      Weinsteins of Disney's records related to charges Miramax paid for home video distribution 
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        19. Picture of Tom Chatt
            2 hours ago
                . Apparently, records of many of these transactions have been digitized and are readily Internet-searchable at a Bureau of Land 
      Management website. We discovered that my husband's great-great-grandfather.... (This SLATER family seemed to have moved around a number of 
      times, making records of them hard to find 
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            Nude counterstrike modells Nitric oxide triggers...
            2 hours ago
                returning to those bleak days of virgin records self-hate and selfdestruction brought the mayflower.... Fortunately, in most free 
      horse clipart patients, timely medical management is car floor mats 

    The source for the page linked above doesn't have either of those strings in it, so perhaps the site is detecting technorati bots and doing something different for them?

    This is the kind of thing which will stop me from using technorati in the future if it's not rapidly fixed. The etire usefulness of their system is on the line... Oh, and this is the first time I've felt the need to use nofollow in anger.

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