Tuesday 13 March

    First day back at work after a week or so of looking after my wife who has been sick. There is so much work on that I am behind in... I had to go back into the office and do overtime in a bid to catch up.

    Had lunch with Cougar today and ended up getting the tour of BigPond Direct. It's pretty cool -- and ISP with 19,000 customers, almost all of them businesses with permanent connectivity has about a dozen employees. They seemed like a friendly enough bunch of folk as well...

    I am still a bit depressed about the state of the IT industry. It strikes me as being pretty crap that people keep getting laid off all the time. It makes the industry a much less attractive place to be as well. I am still a little shocked that a clueful bunch such as LinuxCare Canberra could lose so many staff as well.

    I have a new assignment to start work on at uni. It is an ASP based medical records system... An interesting project, a pity about it being based on ASP when there are plenty of other equally good technologies out there to consider as well. The course is a little MS centric for my liking.

    Anyway, back to work...

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