I have been writing an NT service at work for some time now. During the process I have determined that I never want to use Borland again... The IDE is much worse than Visual Studio, and the classes to do stuff like access the registry are much more clumsy. Then again I prefer gcc and vi on a Unix box to Visual Studio -- I guess it is better the devil you know. I think it is also good for programmers to have experienced a diverse range of platforms so that they understand the world.

    I think I forgot to mention that I compiled up libtiff and libjpeg for windows yesterday. This will make it easier for the windows people out there who don't have a c compiler with which to do these themselves. Visual Basic et al are also a bit disempowering that way -- a DLL or LIB is a scary thing to some of these people. The libraries are available on the Panda documentation page. The process I used is also documented there, because it was not initially obvious, especially for libtiff.

    Offered to write some zlib man pages is Jen-Loup still wants some. The README file says that they do...

    I will be posting a freshmeat announcement for Open Source POSIX Threads for Win32 sometime in the next week or so when Ross Johnson is ready.

    I still need to consider all the stuff from the CLUG mailing list about the license for Panda. I have been real busy at work, so this hasn't happened yet. I also need to fix the getpage code so that it wokrs with FAQ entries, because the question of licensing is clearly a FAQ.

    Panda is entering the prime time -- we have just started work on a series of Panda animated banners, the best of which I will ask VA Linux Systems to add to their affiliate underground program. By the way, the program itself is pretty cool (you get free stuff) -- I recommend you check it out.

    Busy tonight, so not much coding is going to get done. However, I hope to finish setting up the Sparc 10.

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