Only 14 places left for LCA 2005

    At the time of writing this, there are only 14 places left for the conference. I don't think we've formally announced this, but there is a counter for remaining places on the front page of the website. Remember, that if you've entered your information into our database, but not actually paid, then you're not registered, and not coming. We will be turning people away who haven't registered and paid before we sellout.

    Why? Because selling out means there's no more seats in the theatre. Fire regulations stop us from over selling.

    So, if you're intending on coming and have not registered and paid yet, I think you might want to do it today. [tags: conference opensource linux]

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    ### Michael Still

    Yeah, I hadn't thought how daunting it would be to speak to a really crammed room full of annoyed people.

    ### Samuel Gordon-Stewart

    Well, personally I think that it is a good thing that LCA is a smallish conference. This seems to allow the organisers to organise properly and make sure that things run well. From what I have seen, they have chosen a fantastic venue, right smack bang in the centre of Canberra (and 20-30 minutes walk from my house), and with excellent facilities.

    As a speaker I am glad that there can't be a gazillion people all crammed into one room, I don't want to talk to 5 Million people, half of whom have just wandered in because it is cold outside. I would much rather talk to a group of people who are interested in what I have to say, and will be able to ask relevant questions.


    ### Martin


    We will be turning people away because we have reached the maximum number of people legally allowed in the venue. Fire codes are not something we can be flexible about.

    If we could get a 5,000 seat venue for a reasonable price then we would be happy to allow in as many people as want to come/pay. However, since we can't, we do have to turn people away at some point.

    I know some other conferences allow people to register for just one day or one session, but the complexity of administering and enforcing that makes such conferences generally much more expensive than LCA. To take one example, OSCON allows people to buy single days, but they also have wardens on every door and a single day costs more than all of lca. Maybe we should try it next year but the prices are so low it doesn't seem urgent -- and the fact we have sold out seems to indicate others agree.

    ### Pietro

    I think you should be a bit more flexible in handling this.

    There are many people (I guess) that would like to attend one or
    two lectures and don't want any material.

    In my opinion it isn't appropriate for a Free Software conference to
    turn people away.

    Of course who has paid should have priority and if the theater is full,
    it's full, but if it's not anybody should be able to enter...


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