This one took a couple of days to write up cause I am slack...

    I flew down to Melbourne for the night the other day to present a beta of the NSLU2 hacking talk at the Linux Users of Victoria LUG meeting. It's good that I did, because although the talk was ok, I don't think it was up to standard for a conference, and it gives me some time to work out what was wrong and then fix it up in time for the real deal. The main problem is that some of the demos took too long to work because I hadn't factored in reboot time for the devices.

    Dinner afterwards was really nice too, and I am actually quite impressed with the high level of clue at the LUG. There also seem to be some pretty cool MythTV hacking projects happening in Melbourne at the moment too.

    Oh, and thanks to Stewart for picking me up from the airport, thus saving me a $50 cab fare.

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