Review priorities as we approach juno-3

    I just send this email out to openstack-dev, but I am posting it here in case it makes it more discoverable to people drowning in email:

    To: openstack-dev
    Subject: [nova] Review priorities as we approach juno-3
    We're rapidly approaching j-3, so I want to remind people of the
    current reviews that are high priority. The definition of high
    priority I am using here is blueprints that are marked high priority
    in launchpad that have outstanding code for review -- I am sure there
    are other reviews that are important as well, but I want us to try to
    land more blueprints than we have so far. These are listed in the
    order they appear in launchpad.
    == Compute Manager uses Objects (Juno Work) ==,n,z
    This is ongoing work, but if you're after some quick code review
    points they're very easy to review and help push the project forward
    in an important manner.
    == Move Virt Drivers to use Objects (Juno Work) ==
    I couldn't actually find any code out for review for this one apart
    from, is there more out there?
    == Add a virt driver for Ironic ==
    This one is in progress, but we need to keep going at it or we wont
    get it merged in time.
    * was approved, but a rebased
    ate it. Should be quick to re-approve.
    * ...there are more reviews in this series, but I'd be super happy to
    see even a few reviewed
    == Create Scheduler Python Library ==
    (There are a few abandoned patches in this series, I think those two
    are the active ones but please correct me if I am wrong).
    == VMware: spawn refactor ==
    * (Dan Smith's -2 on this one
    seems procedural to me)
    * ...another chain with many more patches to review

    The actual email thread is at

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