Thoughts from the PTL

    I sent this through to the openstack-dev mailing list (you can see the thread here), but I want to put it here as well for people who don't actively follow the mailing list.

    First off, thanks for electing me as the Nova PTL for Juno. I find the
    outcome of the election both flattering and daunting. I'd like to
    thank Dan and John for running as PTL candidates as well -- I strongly
    believe that a solid democratic process is part of what makes
    OpenStack so successful, and that isn't possible without people being
    will to stand up during the election cycle.
    I'm hoping to send out regular emails to this list with my thoughts
    about our current position in the release process. Its early in the
    cycle, so the ideas here aren't fully formed yet -- however I'd rather
    get feedback early and often, in case I'm off on the wrong path. What
    am I thinking about at the moment? The following things:
    * a mid cycle meetup. I think the Icehouse meetup was a great success,
    and I'd like to see us do this again in Juno. I'd also like to get the
    location and venue nailed down as early as possible, so that people
    who have complex travel approval processes have a chance to get travel
    sorted out. I think its pretty much a foregone conclusion this meetup
    will be somewhere in the continental US. If you're interested in
    hosting a meetup in approximately August, please mail me privately so
    we can chat.
    * specs review. The new blueprint process is a work of genius, and I
    think its already working better than what we've had in previous
    releases. However, there are a lot of blueprints there in review, and
    we need to focus on making sure these get looked at sooner rather than
    later. I'd especially like to encourage operators to take a look at
    blueprints relevant to their interests. Phil Day from HP has been
    doing a really good job at this, and I'd like to see more of it.
    * I promised to look at mentoring newcomers. The first step there is
    working out how to identify what newcomers to mentor, and who mentors
    them. There's not a lot of point in mentoring someone who writes a
    single drive by patch, so working out who to invest in isn't as
    obvious as it might seem at first. Discussing this process for
    identifying mentoring targets is a good candidate for a summit
    session, so have a ponder. However, if you have ideas let's get
    talking about them now instead of waiting for the summit.
    * summit session proposals. The deadline for proposing summit sessions
    for Nova is April 20, which means we only have a little under a week
    to get that done. So, if you're sitting on a summit session proposal,
    now is the time to get it in.
    * business as usual. We also need to find the time for bug fix code
    review, blueprint implementation code review, bug triage and so forth.
    Personally, I'm going to focus on bug fix code review more than I have
    in the past. I'd like to see cores spend 50% of their code review time
    reviewing bug fixes, to make the Juno release as solid as possible.
    However, I don't intend to enforce that, its just me asking real nice.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this email, and please do let me
    know if you think this sort of communication is useful.

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