Juno TC Candidacy

    Another email archived for historical reasons.

    I'd also like to announce my TC candidacy. I am currently a member of
    the TC, and I would like to continue to serve.
    I first started hacking on Nova during the Diablo release, with my
    first code contributions appearing in the Essex release. Since then
    I've hacked mostly on Nova and Oslo, although I have also contributed
    to many other projects as my travels have required. For example, I've
    tried hard to keep various projects in sync with their imports of
    parts of Oslo I maintain.
    I work full time on OpenStack at Rackspace, leading a team of
    developers who work solely on upstream open source OpenStack. I am a
    Nova and Oslo core reviewer and the Nova PTL.
    I have been serving on the TC for the last year, and in the Icehouse
    release started acting as the liaison for the board "defcore"
    committee along with Anne Gentle. "defcore" is the board effort to
    define what parts of OpenStack we require vendors to ship in order to
    be able to use the OpenStack trade mark, so it involves both the board
    and the TC. That liaison relationship is very new and only starting to
    be effective now, so I'd like to keep working on that if you're
    willing to allow it.

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