MythNetTV release 7

    This release is smaller than the last one, but has some bug fixes which folk might find handy. New things in this release:

      Better testing:
    • r232: Simple script to create the unit testing database

      New features:
    • r210: Allow users to override the default bittorrent upload rate
    • r212: Provide more sync information when running in verbose mode
    • r216: Add the markunread command
    • r218: Make only one download attempt for a given show per 24 hour period
    • r220: Change download interval to one hour, update last attempt time more frequently
    • r222: Add --oldestfirst and --newestfirst flags, which alter NextDownloads behavior
    • r224: Add flag which forces downloads to run, even if they've failed recently
    • r226: Don't mark a bittorrent download as complete just because the torrent file has been completely downloaded
    • r234: Use reasonable defaults for mysql configuration if no config file can be found
    • r236: Use reasonable defaults for mysql configuration if no config file can be found
    • r238: Use reasonable defaults for mysql configuration if no config file can be found

      Bug fixes:
    • r206: Make the output of " length" more friendly
    • r208: Release man pages as well
    • r214: Fix a bug introduced in r210 which broke bittorrent downloads
    • r228: Fix a typo in the recordings_tool help text
    • r230: Fix a typo in the recordings_tool help text
    • r240: Reduce size of proxy name in the usage table to deal with key length limitations in MySQL
    • r242: The schema for the channel table changed in MythTV 0.21
    • r244: Fix typo
    • r246: Suppress repeated warnings of DB default use
    • r248: Bug fixes for 2009 talk
    • r250: Include test runner script in release, prepare ChangeLog for release

    Please grab your copy here.

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    ### Simon Ri,be

    ABC iView support, perhaps? It's all XML in the back-end, so long as you can play .flv.

    ### Michael Still

    I haven't come up with a good way of transcoding FLV to a sensible video format yet. If you have one, let me know.

    ### A Fan

    I'm using this to change FLV to XViD...It seems to work. It will actually work for most files.

    ffmpeg -i $1 -vcodec mpeg4 -vtag xvid -sameq -acodec libmp3lame -ab 320k $2

    ### Simon Rumble

    Do you need to actually transcode the FLV? Can't you just play it?

    ### tooncis

    I need to upgrade, but I'm not sure the best way of doing so?

    I'm getting this error...

    The database schema is newer than this version of the code,
    it seems like you might need to upgrade?

    Current = 20
    Database = 21

    ### Richard

    Great program, kind of dangerous, especially when feeds like TED don't truncate their feed. Not sure where my time went. One feature would be nice to add though. The option of choosing whether or not to transcode a particular feed. The HubbleCast and Spitzer podcast are both avc1, which by default you transcode. Those HD feeds tend to look rather bad after transcoding, and they play just fine without. I've hacked the source to skip transcoding for avc1. On the other hand, I do have some feeds which stutter towards the end that would probably benefit from transcoding. I also have some mov files that need transcoding, but aren't by default. Letting the user toggle transcode on or off for a feed would be quite nice.

    ### Benjamin Pierce

    Is there a way to add a filename to a file downloaded before it get's imported into mythtv? My problem is that the videos that I download don't have an extension but transcoding is not needed. This works fine for mythfrontend, but does not allow my upnp server to pick them up properly.

    ### Michael Still

    Let me get this straight -- everything works, except your uPnP player is relying on the file extension to determine the file type? There currently isn't any way to add a string to the end of the filename in the MythTV recordings directories, but it wouldn't be hard to do. Let me meditate on it.

    ### Sean Whitney

    Any plans on upgrading? Will mythnettv still work under 0.22? There is a nasty bug where mythnettv doesn't understand subscription titles with a space in the name, any chance of getting that fixed?

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