MythNetTV release 6

    New things in this release:

      Better testing:
    • r114: Unit tests for
    • r148: Updated unit test now that we create more tables
    • r151: Start work on syndication unit tests
    • r153: Unit test for bad syndication dates, as well as more flexibility in db connections needed for this unit test
    • r157: Nicer unit test failure output, and refactor GetVideoDir() into the utility module
    • r181: Slightly improve syndication unit tests
    • r183: Add flag parsing to unit tests, and fix some more flag name changes

      Better documentation:
    • r117: Added a man page for -- I'm not 100% happy with its name though

      Bug fixes:
    • r114: Fixed a bug where the new filename for video transcode could be the same as the input filename, resulting in video corruption. This was found with one of the new unit tests
    • r116: The logic for the --prompt flag was the wrong way around. Fixed.
    • r119: Nicer download status messages
    • r121: Handle 404s in feed updates better
    • r129: Slight tweak to SVN submit script
    • r131: More accurate tracking of proxy usage (update during download, instead of just at the end)
    • r137: Proxy budget being exceeded doesn't count as a failed download attempt
    • r143: Subscribe now renables inactive subscriptions
    • r146: Add support to decimals to utility byte printer, fix a bug in the check for video directories
    • r155: Have users send problems to the mailing list, instead of me personally
    • r161: Don't throw exceptions for the videodir command line
    • r167, 169: Display friendly sizes in records_tool output
    • r171: Move verbose update arg into a flag
    • r173: Add "-vo null" to mplayer invocation per Ryan Lutz. This improves support on machines without X, and speeds up the identify operation
    • r175: Import patch from Thomas Mashos which fixes subscription removal, started work on syndication unit test improvements
    • r177: Fix character escaping bug in show subtitles during import
    • r179: Renamed --datadirdefault to --datadir. If set this will now change your data directory, regardless of if there was a previous value set.
    • r190: Recording_tool now prompts for deletes
    • r192: Improved explainvideodir output
    • r194: Don't crash in explainvideodir if there is no video directory
    • r197: Order results by subtitle in recordings_tool output

      New features:
    • r115: Upgraded schema to version 15 to support http_proxies for subscriptions. Added http_proxy command line, which allows you to use HTTP proxies for specified URLs. Moved HTTP accesses to use the proxy code.
    • r127: Bump schema to v17, and add proxy use tracking including the "proxyusage" command
    • r133: Allow daily budgets for proxy usage
    • r115: Provide a user agent for HTTP requests, instead of just Python-urllib/1.17
    • r117: Users will now be prompted to subscribe to an announcements video feed. This will happen exactly once. This behavior may be disabled with the --nopromptforannounce command line flag.
    • r125: Add a full info dump command to's command line interface
    • r139: Bump schema to 19, and implement categories with the "category" command
    • r141: Implement recording group support, and clarify category support
    • r151: Implement a helper (recordings_tool) for handling the MythTV recordings table, this is useful for testing.
    • r159: Add videodir and explainvideodir debugging commands, and update man page
    • r163: Add title list feature to recordings_tool
    • r165: Include recording count in title list
    • r185: Add the resetattempts command

      Development changes:
    • r123: Added a submit script to automate putting the revision number into the ChangeLog
    • r135: Tweak to new ChangeLog auto logging formatting

    Release 6 continues the tradition of better testing, improves the documentation (a little, there is more work to be done there), fixes a bunch of bugs, and implements some new features which will hopefully be useful to others. Please grab your copy here.

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    ### Tooncis

    It seems for some reason that the feeds download in non-order.

    So, if a video feed has 100 videos in the xml, it seems to download the latest entry and then goes back and gets the oldest few...almost skips around a bit.

    I'm downloading the revision3 feeds if that helps. It appears that the rss feed listings are in order.

    ### Michael Still

    The algorithm for downloading shows is a little complicated. If you limit the number of shows that will be downloaded in this run, it will download half of that number from the newest episodes, and then the other half from the oldest episodes. This is done because MythNetTV can't always be sure that you really want the newest first. Perhaps you want to catch up on old episodes first.

    There is currently no way to force only new episodes to be downloaded. That's mainly because no one has ever asked, not because its hard. I'll look into adding it to the next release.

    ### Michael Still

    Ok, r222 implements a --newestfirst and --oldestfirst set of flags which will do what you want. You can either run the SVN version for now, or wait until the next release.

    ### Tooncis


    sudo ./mythnettv download 5 --nocommflag --newestfirst

    would be what I want with beta 6?

    It won't interfere with --nocommflag?

    Thanks again, I appreciate your work on this!

    ### Michael Still

    Yeah, you can pass more than one flag at a time with no problems. Your command line should work just fine. Also, why are you running it as root? It should work just fine as a normal user.

    ### tooncis

    Here is what I get when I run (as normal or root):

    tooncis@MythBuntu:/usr/share/mythnettv$ ./mythnettv download 5 --newestfirst Download constrained to "--newestfirst"
    0 matches

    If I take away the --newestfirst, it proceeds to download.

    In fact, I think that I'm not using the "--" flag correctly because no matter which flag I enter using --whatever, I get the same "0 matches".

    ### tooncis

    I don't think the --newestfirst is working for beta 6. I'm assuming it is in another unreleased version. Where can I get it and what is the exact version number?

    Also, I do have to run as sudo, otherwise I get a "permission denied", but then again, that could be the permissions on certain folders.

    ### Michael Still

    The new flag hasn't made it into a release yet, you need to use the latest SVN version of the code. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

    ### Tooncis

    Seems as though --newestfirst works fine.
    I commented on the svn page.

    Wow, there is a lot of spam in the comments. You need a "captcha" or something to stop that.

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