Please help me test trunk

    I'm getting ready to do another MythNetTV release, as I've fixed quite a few things recently. I'd appreciate people testing the new code before I do an official release. You can get the current code like this:

      svn co

    That will create a directory called mythnettv, with a subdirectory named trunk, which is the latest development version of the code. You should probably create that directory somewhere where you don't mind a new directory being created.

    This release has lots of small changes, which are listed in the ChangeLog which will be downloaded with the code.


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    ### Tooncis

    1) I don't think the "email me new comments on this post" works. I've commented on beta6 and haven't been notified.

    2) --newestfirst seems to work correctly

    3) Is there a way to remove a subscription completely? Rather than show it as inactive? Just for house cleaning purposes. It's a good idea to leave it there sometimes because you may want to re-subscribe and you won't have to try and re-find the url.

    4) Just a question about how the download works. It seems like it only downloads from the new pool of updated feeds.

    For instance if I have several feeds that I am subscribed to, I can see a list of 10 files that would be downloaded if I use the "nextdownload 10" command.

    However, if I use the "update" command and only one entry from one of my many subscriptions is updated and then I run the "nextdownload 10" command, it only shows that it's going to download 1 show.

    Is it only looking to download from what has been updated rather than from the entire feed(s)?

    Thanks again, this is a really cool program. I appreciate all your hard work and I only comment because I like the program. This is definitely not a complaint.


    ### Tooncis

    You need to add file types mp4 (avc1) to not be transcoded. Myth plays them just fine. Transcoding has issues with the HD shows in mov and mp4 formats.
    I see in your notes you say some avc1 work and some don't so they all get transcoded. So, I edit your script and move 'avc1' to not get re-encoded. However, you might want to look at it again and move avc1 to not get transcoded by default. It uses quite a bit of CPU and sometimes it doesn't transcode correctly which gives an error and then it doesn't get imported....and then, I can't re-download it. So, it causes a bit of a snowball effect.

    ### Michael Still

    Its really cool that you're reporting problems so I can fix them. It would be better if you reported them to however, as that makes it easier to track them (and other users can let me know if they have those problems as well). It would probably be a good idea to report one issue per email, so that the threads don't get out of hand.


    ### Tooncis

    Had a problem sending to the e-mail address you provided above.

    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

    : does not like recipient.
    Remote host said: 550 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table
    Giving up on

    Here is what I sent:

    I was having trouble with transcoding avc1 files, so I edited the file to not render them. However, as I mentioned in one of my postings, after an update, you can't download anything before that update. Well, that's fine, I guess, because supposedly you downloaded the shows before the update. However, what if I want to FORCE it to re-download because of some it didn't transcode correctly and now I'm shut out of downloading it again. Or maybe there is an easy way to clear it's memory. Like....tell it to forget the previous downloads and updates.

    # forget about what it thinks it has already download and download it again
    # the only problem is that if it exists, then it would either have to
    # overwrite it or rename it to "existing_file-1.mp4"
    # -over would overwrite otherwise it would add a "-1" to the new download
    ./mythnettv -force -over download 5

    # forget what it has downloaded so next time I run an update, the entire
    # rss feed is re-downloaded
    ./mythnettv -clear

    Can you tell me where it stores it's database file with rss info so maybe I can just delete the file manually and then when I run an update, it will re-download the entire feed(s) as if I had never downloaded or updated before?...kind of a fresh start....

    Thanks again!
    You're program rules!

    ### Michael Still

    Oh, I'm sorry. The list address is You'll also need to subscribe at first.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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