MythNetTV release 4

    New things in this release:

    • Removed gflags because people found it hard to find
    • Bug fix patch from David Linville applied
      • Fixed broken imports caused by refactoring
      • Transcode not needed for avc1 and m4v
    • Another bug fix patch from David Linville applied
      • Store filesize in the db
    • Removed some namespace imports I am not a fan of
    • Made verbosity optional for --update
    • Small code cleanups
    • Let the user know of repeated attempts to download a program
    • Documented the need for bittornado for bittorrent to work
    • Abandon downloading after 3 failed attempts (you can configure the number)
    • Detect stuck bittorrent downloads

    Release 3 had a few bugs folks reported, this release should fix those problems. Let me know if you still see any. You can grab your copy here.

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    ### Chris

    I love the scripts. Im confused about one feature though. Currently Im subscribed to 4 RSS feeds with these scripts. They all work fine but its unclear to me how I can get mythnettv to automatically download new vidcasts as theyre added to the feeds. Right now I have a cron job that runs once a day that includes:
    ./mythnettv --update
    ./mythnettv --download 8

    But this continues to download old episodes in addition to the new ones (i.e. itll download 1 new video and 7 old ones). I see from --statistics that I have over 250 undownloaded feed items from one source. How do I force the script to recognize all of the undownloaded items as old or already downloaded even though they arent?

    What Id like to do is mark all feed items from today to the earliest date as downloaded so that the --update --download commands only fetch new items. How could one do this? If Im going about this the wrong way Id love to know how to go about it the right way. Once again thanks for all your hard work, the scripts are great.


    ### Michael Still

    MythNetTV relies on the GUIDs in the feeds not changing. If those GUIDs are changing, then MythNetTV will think the shows are new, and download them again. What are the URLs for these feeds and Ill see if I can debug the problem.

    ### thomas

    I have tried using this but am getting this error

    Download OK
    Importing data/systm--0064--bmwt--small.h264.mp4
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File ./mythnettv, line 388, in
    DownloadAndImport(db, guid)
    File ./mythnettv, line 241, in DownloadAndImport
    File /home/thomas/Desktop/mythnettv-release-4/, line 428, in Import
    % gethostname())[dirname]
    TypeError: NoneType object is unsubscriptable

    Im not sure what exactly the problem is though. Am I supposed to be running this on my master backend or does it matter?

    I also ran into the problem documented here, but havent tried the solution posted.

    ### Michael Still

    Ok, the line you are having problems is this:

    videodir = self.db.GetOneRow(select * from storagegroup where
    groupname=Default and
    hostname = %s \
    % gethostname())[dirname]

    This code is only called if a previous database error has occurred, and is failing because db.GetOneRow() is not returning a row (it is returning None instead).

    This probably indicates a database error that I should have caught better. You are required to run MythNetTV on a machine which has access to your database server, although I am not sure how you got this far without that.

    I will contact you separately with a version of MythNetTV with better debugging to see if we can sort this problem out.

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