irtrans remote control stops working

    I've been using a Zalman HD160B media center case for quite some time, and I love it. It came with an irtrans based LCD and remote control built into the case, which has always worked nicely as well. Until yesterday when the remote stopped working.

    When I run the irserver command in a terminal so I can see the output, I get this:

      # ./irserver -codedump -debug_code -loglevel 4 /dev/ttyUSB0
      Name   : 
      Version: D5.03.08
      FW SNo : 18780
      Capab  : Power On; 
      FW Cap : 3964953
      USB SNo: 
      Node   : /dev/ttyUSB0
      IRServer Version 5.7.08
      [ 0]:                      D5.03.08     SN: 18780
      Remote zalman               compiled:     1 Timings -     45 Commands
      Total:   1 Remotes  -   1 Timings -  45 Commands
               0 CCF Data -   0 CCF RAW -   0 CCF Error

    No joy. Rebooting the machine, replacing all the batteries, and restarting the server all did nothing. The server still doesn't see events from the remote. I'm not sure how to determine if this is a receiver hardware problem or not -- I'm kinda out of other ideas. Suggestions welcome.

    Update: of course, disassembling the PC and reseating all the cables fixed the problem. I wonder if it is temperature related?

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