Video and slides from the Google talk

    I'm a little slow at posting this, because I've been really busy. Google had the video of the MythTV talk online a day after the talk, which was nice. I haven't watched it myself, but hopefully it turned out ok. The talk got a little exciting when I had to reboot one of the machines mid talk because it wasn't seated in its dock properly. Such is life I suppose.

    Here are the slides for the talk. Hopefully they'll help someone.

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    ### Jarett

    I saw it, I thought it was great. It let me know about other things you've worked on, such as the Google Talk integration.

    It's funny, because the night before I found and used your mythNetTv script and had it download this and several other Google tech talks. The next day after work I sat down to see what it downloaded and I thought it was cool when one of them was about MythTV, and not only that, but by the person (that being you) who wrote the script that I downloaded the video with! Anyway, thanks for the work, very much appreciated!

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