Figures from chapter 3 of ImageMagick, the definitive guide

    Here are the thumbnails for the figures from chapter 3 of ImageMagick, the Definitive Guide:

    Figure 3-1

    Figure 3-2

    Figure 3-3

    Figure 3-4

    Figure 3-5

    Figure 3-6

    Figure 3-7

    Figure 3-8

    Figure 3-9

    Figure 3-10

    Figure 3-11

    Figure 3-12

    Figure 3-13

    Figure 3-14

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    ### Jerry Peek

    Figures after 3-6 in Chapter 3 are missing from this web page. Because the figures in the book are lower-resolution (?) and greyscale, it would really help to see them here on the Web in color. Would you please add them? Thanks.

    ### Michael Still

    You're right. There should be images up to 3-14 here. I will work on correcting this.

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