Missing images from Chapter 2 and 3?

    Thanks to Jerry for pointing out that Chapter 2 and Chapter3 are missing some images online. I am looking into this at the moment, and will get back to you all when I have tracked them down.

    Thanks for pointing this out Jerry.

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    ### Michael Still


    I now understand what happened with the missing images. The script I wrote to generate these index pages stops when there is a gap in the image numbering, and assumes that's the end of the chapter. There are gaps in the lists of figures for chapters 2 and 3, and the script therefore terminated early.

    I'm not seeing the missing images for chapter 5 though. The total number of images matches my printed copies of the book, and I can't see a gap in the images inline. For the images which have been constructed from more than one image the composite image is in black and white (as presented in the book), and the subimages are in color.

    Click on the black and white image to see all the images.

    This was done because the composite images were actually created by the page layout team from black and white versions of the sub images, and have therefore never existed in color.

    I'll work on fixing my script now.

    ### Jerry Peek

    Actually, Mikal, I think there may be many other images missing online. For instance, in Chapter 5, there's only one figure between 5-1 and 5-27... that's 5-9. It would help a lot to be able to see some of these images in the original color.


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