My first sighting of the ImageMagick book in the wild

    My ImageMagick book is for sale at the MySQL user's conference trade show. There are only a few copies there, but it is nice to actually see it out there. I wonder if they'll sell any copies?

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    ### Tony Tribby

    I just picked up your book over the weekend. While I am finding it useful in many ways, it is unfortunately very short on the specific area where I need it the most--the creation of text images using IM. While you do cover to a limited extent the placement of text on images, I need something that gives me an in-depth discussion of how to do things like--deal with multi-line text from a textarea field on a form, what to do if I have copy that includes an apostrophe, what other special characters IM doesn't like, other things like that. I have searched online and though I've found some resources that give me more info about -caption and other text functions, I see nowhere that covers those issues.

    Any help?

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