Comcast Lies

    I know you're all dying to hear about how much Comcast sucks. I imagine that what is happening is that I am suffering under Comcast discovering that during an economic downturn people start cancelling optional services like expensive pay TV. Anyways, several weeks ago Comcast jacked up our bill (nearly doubling it), so we called. They said "try this other line up which is cheaper". We said "ok". After a day or so it was evident that the service didn't work, and we created a service order. The installer came out, had a look, and said that the service we had been sold could never have worked because we were analog customers and needed digital to get the channels we had been sold. Anyways, he convinced us to convert to digital, and that got us a new low rate again. Until the bill came and was double what we had been told by the installer's dispatcher it would be.

    So we rang Comcast yet again. They said we were lying and had to pay the higher rate. I explained that calling my wife a liar was a bad plan, and they could either honour the stated rate or we'd cancel. The account is now cancelled, so you can see how that ended.

    I know that Comcast has a reputation for terrible customer service, but this is the first time I've experienced it. Wow, such arrogance. To be honest, I'm glad we cancelled the account. I can get two 4-disk-at-a-time deals from Netflix for what the low rate was meant to be with Comcast (yes, we could have got 16 disks at once with what Comcast wanted us to pay). What we'll probably do is some combination of free to air, Netflix DVDs, Netflix streaming, and buying DVDs for the kids. All up we'll end up with more content, at a higher quality, for less money. So there you go.

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    ### Unhappy gal

    My experience with them is more about lying by ommission. In other words, they tell you only part of the story, but not the parts about what youll lose. We called them about a package that turned out to be the famous triple play, and we were told that we would get exactly the same cable service offerings that we had. Thankfully, I wanted to discuss it further with hubby and he called back the next day for clarification on something and they said....oh yeah...HBO and showtime are extra.

    They neglect to mention fees, they neglect to mention one-time charges. My hubby was told the starter kit for a new internet connection was free.....yeah, until we got the bill with the charge for it.

    Comcast has a bad customer service rep because they deserve it. They act just like their counterparts in the Ma Bell bureaucracy-land with one exception. The phone people dont care if you get their service or not so they have no problem telling you all about the fees and everything else. Comcast does care about getting your business so they tell customers what they think you want to hear. I think they must incent the call center people on sales and then teach them how to **not*** say things that a potential customer would find important to their decision.

    My .02 for what its worth.

    ### Jeremy

    Michael, is this in Australia or the US? Not sure, because I didnt think Comcast did business in Australia, but youre on Planet Linux Australia.

    ### Michael Still

    This is in the US. I am an Australian who happens to live in Silicon Valley.

    ### Michal Cierniak

    You just cant win with them. Heres my story of months that it took me to get Comcast to cancel my service:

    ### Don

    I got rid of Cumcast when they jacked up my rates. I simply moved 10 miles to a new city limit, and my rate went up 33% for the same service. They say they have to be cheaper in my old city, Tacoma, WA cause Tacoma has city-owned cable/internet available to city residents. So Comcast has cheaper prices to be more competitive there, even though it's basically on the same road 10 miles apart. I switched to DirecTV and LOVE it. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER (especially for sports fans) than DIRECTV. Plus I get extra savings by bundling my Qwest phone/internet and Verizon wireless. I get all the services from 3 companies on one bill plus savings a couple hundred $$$ a year versus what CumCast was charging.

    ### Dave James

    Comcast is simply a thick-net (i.e -> old generation, low bandwidth crap) provider of deficient internet and television services.

    Their HD programming is compressed and has the lowest quality on the market.

    Speed Boost is joke too. You'll never see a sustained 20 meg download!

    The real truth is that Comcast is crap!!

    ### pissed off

    comcast lies. when ordering service (with my first home), they told me that both my new phone numbers would not be published in the phone book or directory assistance. i was told that it would cost $4.95 per line a month to have that happen. two weeks later both phone lines began ringing with people trying to sell me their crap. i called comcast and complained about this and they told me they were "sorry" or "it must have been a mistake". i just learned to live with it for years until i moved to another home.

    the second home - when ordering all their products - i specifically told the guy about 3 times during the conversation "i don't want my information published anywhere". same thing... i was told for $4.95 per line, this would not happen. once again, about 2 or 3 weeks later, both phone lines start ringing away with idiots soliciting their crap. this time i blew up. i started calling back all the numbers i could (that would show their numbers on my caller id) to ask where and how they got my number. some said it was purchased from a company. i contacted that company and they told me they didn't know exactly how the information was compilied and that they didn't keep any record of it. yeah... ok.

    i called comcast about 100 times about this (yes, at least one hundred times or more for months and months to come). after being on hold for 20 or 30 minutes at a time and then sometimes being disconnected while i was waiting, or even disconnected while i was talking to customer service (useless people) and/or supervisors/managers (useless as well), all i kept getting was the same old story... "we're sorry" and "it must have been a mistake". some of them even denied making the mistake by saying "we would never have done that seeing a customers privacy is very important to us". lies, lies and more lies.

    they tried to buy me off by telling me they would credit my account. i told them i didn't want that and that this isn't going to fix the problem. the phone numbers i got were great numbers ending in 00's. i asked them to change both the numbers and this time NOT TO PUBLISH THEM or SELL MY INFORMATION. they told me there were no other numbers available ending with 00's. they go on to tell me "we'll just make sure that your numbers are unlisted and not published. i said "what good is that"? the damage is already done. it's like having unprotected sex and catching a disease, then wearing a condom after to protect yourself. fools.

    not only were my phone numbers ruined by idiots calling all the time (the do-not-call list is useless as well), now i start seeing my information all over the web! and to prove to comcast that this is their fault and that they sold my information, i explained it to them how i knew this.

    when i placed the order for my new phone lines (2nd house), i told them i did not want my full name to be seen on peoples caller id (my first and last name are long and truncate on caller id machines - which looks silly). so i told them to use my first and middle names initials followed by my last name. this would be something like "sa smith" as opposed to "stephen smith" (the "a" for my middle name) showing up on your caller id.

    a couple of months later i went online and started poking around on sites like "people search", "intelius", online directories, etc... guess what? i see "sa smith" in all of them! not only am i seeing the caller id name in them, but my street address and city along with it.
    now i get the local phone book in the mail and even some other type of phone book and they both have my information in them! what do i see in them? "sa smith" instead of my actual first and last name. comcast would have been the only ones to have dont this seeing i told them to make it like that for my caller id. what did they say about this? "we're not sure how that could have happened" and "we're sorry". do you see the pattern here? everything with these people is a dead end. even the ones that seem nice and pleasant over the phone with you can't help you resolve a problem like this. there is no one to take the blame for this and there is no one person that can do anything about it.

    i'm telling you, comcast trains their people to "tell you" that by paying an additional $4.95 a month for an unpublished number, that your information will not be published, then when you hang up with them, they just proceed with publishing it as if you never even mentioned it to them at all. they must also train them to tell you "we're sorry" or "it was a mistake" when you call up to complain about it. comcast makes a lot of money by selling our information. some corporate moron way up above is responsible for running this type of scam operation.

    "a mistake". i could see if this happened to me once... but twice?

    finally, after being fet up with this whole thing, i decided to drop comcast. unfortunately for me, the city i live in only has one cable company - comcast. so i had to switch over to direct tv (which i love, by the way) and get a verizon phone line and verizon dsl. sad to say, i have had nothing but trouble with the dsl since i've had it (constantly disconnects - not to mention the speeds are nothing compared to cable speeds). i will never go back to comcast because of what they've done to me and the headaches they've caused me... so i'm stuck with dsl until fios comes along.

    bottom line - i'm a nobody and they are a giant who cares nothing about someone like me. who pays the price here? me. comcast sucks and they are bad, bad people.

    ### steve coffman

    Comcast is terrible. They have user "forums" that customers can exchange ideas on world events. They have biased moderators that will delete anything pro conservative yet leave derogatory comments about conservatives on the firum boards. Their apparent liberal moderators must be told to do that because corporate Comcast agrees with the biased moderators. This is nothing but CENSORSHIP like the communists.
    Their service is as poor as you can get with any service provider. I waited ten hours one day for a serviceman to show up when a car had ran over a pedestal and I lost service. I went outside after they told me that it would not be repaired for 3 to 7 bsuiness days and straightened the pedestal up and covered it with a plastic trash bag. That next Monday they never showed up and when I call they advise that I must be there for a service tech to come to my house. I again explaed to them that the trouble was NOT my house but the pedestal on the road. They insisted that I be at home or they would not send anyone. Then, after another wait on Tuesday, nobody showed up again and I called to complain and they set an appointment for the next Thursday 2-4 pm. I waited thill 3:30 amd called them and they said the tech was running begind and they would have him call me. He did and told me that I would NOT have to be at my house for him to check the pedestal.

    What an absolute JOKE of a company. All they want is your money and to promiuse you things they CANNOT produce. I believe they are told to string customers along, there are too many instances where their stories are nothing but a pack of lies.

    I will tell anyone NEVER use COMCAST unless you want a headache and continual problems.

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