Avoidance behaviour, or, wanted: video RSS feeds

    I'm avoiding doing paper work for work, and chapter edits for the MythTV book by writing a video aggregator. I have Media RSS feeds working, and normal RSS 2.0 with enclosures working. I have two questions:

    • Are there any other feed formats I should worry about?
    • What are some good (as in not horribly boring) feeds that I should now watch?

    That's right, I built the aggregator, before I had anything to aggregate. Now I have this hammer, and must hit things with it... I'll talk more about the aggregator itself when I've done a little more testing, but I think it's pretty cool.

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    ### Mikal

    I know. I'm actually using FeedParser for this code, but I needed to work around FeedParser's buggy implementation of Media RSS. I'm going to talk about all of that and the work around in another post when I finish some of this paperwork...

    ### jaq

    You know, feedparser (what planet uses) *already* knows how to eat lots of feed formats...

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