Thursday 21 June 2001

    Course cancelled, so I wont be going to SLUG this month. Oh well...

    Catherine seems to be fine, and the doctor thinks that there is nothing wrong, so we are trying to be relaxed about it all.

    The shit hit the fan at work the other day and people started saying that they needed a PDF generator in house that could do PNG. The obvious choices being Raster master (the commerical library we have been using), or Panda. I got the go ahead to start looking at porting Panda this afternoon. I have been having a play tonight, and now that I have actually sat down and tried to do it, it isn't that hard.

    The port isn't even that dodgy. The only bit that I think is a little bad is that I couldn't determine how to setup MS Visual C to point at extra include directories. There is a setting for it, but I couldn't get it to work. I must have been doing something wrong. In the end I just chage the <>'s to ""'s as needed.

    Anyway, so I have the library compiling, it is now just a case of arranging some DLL exports. After that I will have a play in Visual Basic to make an ActiveX wrapper around it, and then use InstallShield to build a pretty little installer.

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