Saturday 2 June 2001

    I had a brain wave. I have asked Uni of Canberra if they have any students who would like to have a go at redesigning this page to make it more pretty. We'll see what happens.

    I still haven't got my maths assignment in. I feel silly handing in something where I could only answer a quarter of the questions. I will have a bit more of a look at it this weekend, and then hand whatever I have in on Monday.

    This weekend is also an exam study festival, as well as the russling up of the last bits of hardware for the church server, which I am aiming at building Sunday afternoon.

    The todo list (as ever):
  • Friday 1 June: Maths assignment due
  • Monday 4 June: Birthday lunch for Peter, baby doctor appointment
  • Tuesday 5 June: Study for exams, resign?
  • Thursday 7 June: CE3 exam
  • Monday 11 June: Study for exams
  • Wednesday 13 June: Maths and DST exams
  • Friday 15 June: AUUG 2001 abstract due, ADDS II finished
  • Saturday 16 June: AOSS presentation (possibly)

    Underlined means done today, and not shown in future lists.

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