Sunday was a productive day. I went to church, I had Doug look at my TV and debug the over heating problem, I mowed the lawn and got in some practise for golf in the hope of further improving my fantastic scores. I even got around to fixing the broken outdoor furniture...

    PandaLex is starting to take a little more shape. I was rusty on Bison and Flex, so having to code some without the aid of the book is a little hard on the soul, but I'm getting there now. Thinsg started to go much better when I realised that code is included in the $x numbering scheme. It does make me wonder how much pain people go through when they change some code in a terminal though -- perhaps they simply put dummy code blocks everywhere so that they never have to change the numbering?

    PandaLex is going to have a series of callbacks as the hooks for the user application, which isn't very hard to implement. Assuming I have some free time in the next week I am confident that it shouldn't take me too much longer than a week to code it up -- then again there is debugging and testing in there as well.

    Anyway, that was my first day in online diary land.

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