Call for presentations for the 2014 OpenStack mini-conference

    I've just emailed this out to the relevant lists, but I figured it can't hurt to post it here as well... will be hosting the second OpenStack mini-conference to run in Australia. The first one was well attended, and this mini-conference will be the first OpenStack conference to be held on Australia's west coast. The mini-conference is a day long event focusing on OpenStack development and operations, and is available to attendees of

    The mini-conference is therefore calling for proposals for content. Speakers at the mini-conference must be registered for 2014 as delegates, or discuss their needs with the mini-conference organizers if that isn't possible.

    Some examples of talks we're interested in are: talks from OpenStack developers about what features they are working on for IceHouse; talks from deployers of OpenStack about their experiences and how others can learn from them; talks covering the functionality of OpenStack and how it can be used in new and interesting ways.

    Some important details:

    • runs from 6 to 10 January 2014 in Perth, Australia at the University of Western Australia
    • the mini-conference will be on Tuesday the 7th of January
    • proposals are due to the mini-conference organizer no later than 1 November
    • there are two types of talks -- full length (45 minutes) and half length (20 minutes)

    CFP submissions are made by completing this online form: CFP submission form

    If you have questions about this call for presentations, please contact Michael Still at for more details.

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