Starship Troopers

    ISBN: 0441783589

    I saw the movie a few years ago, and so I read this book on a whim. Its very different to the movie. The book is interesting, although it does have a tendency to slide into rants about the moral responsibilities which come with having an electoral franchise. The book is also very pro military in its stance, although that's fair enough (an author without an opinion would be a boring author).

    Overall, I thought this book was an enjoyable read.
    [award: winner hugo 1960]

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    ### Michael Carden

    Bob Heinlein did like to get a bit rantypants, and he was in the navy so you can see where his military leanings might come from.

    It's always exciting when an old SF book is made into a movie, even though I can't bring to mind one where the movie is true to the book.

    Having recently re-read Farnham's Freehold I'm reminded of just how fun he is to read. I think I may have to revisit all those big ole paperbacks soon.

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