Battlefields Beyond Tomorrow

    ISBN: 0517641054

    I read this anthology as a child, but when I found a copy on ebay that was cheap I couldn't resist. This is a collection of short stories focusing on what war might be like in the future. It's a good read, although a couple of the stories are out of place compared with the others.

    • Superiority (Arthur C Clarke)
    • Single Combat (Joe Green)
    • Committee of the Whole (Frank Herbert)
    • Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card): a classic, and in some ways I prefer the short story. I've read the extended series of novels a few years ago, but they're probably worth revisiting at some point.
    • Hero (Joe E. Haldeman), later became The Forever War.
    • The Survivor (Walter F. Moudy): I have strong memories of this story from reading this anthology as a child. This is still a good story.
    • The Last Objective (Paul Carter)
    • What Do You Want Me to Do to Prove Im Human Stop (Fred Saberhagen): a Berserker story, also known as "Inhuman Error".
    • Hangman (David Drake): this one is included in Volume 1 of the Complete Hammers Slammers.
    • The Night of the Trolls (Keith Laumer): this was a really good story about Bolos -- good enough to send me out to buy some more Bolo books, which I will now have to add to my reading queue. This story was later expanded into The Stars Must Wait, which I didn't think was nearly as good as the short story.
    • The Nuptial Flight of the Warbirds (Algis Budrys): this story was out of place with the rest of the collection, poorly written, and not very entertaining. I particularly didn't like how it changed plot flow literally mid sentence without warning. I had to read that page three times to work out what was happening.
    • Mirror, Mirror (Alan E. Nourse)
    • The Miracle Workers (Jack Vance)
    • Memorial (Theodore Sturgeon)
    • Shark (Edward Bryant)
    • ...Not a Prison Make (Joseph P. Martino): the ending came to suddenly in this story, but gosh its a good ending.
    • Hawk Among the Sparrows (Dean McLaughlin): this story reminds me strongly of the Axis of time stories from John Birmingham. This short story of course came first, and is a lot simpler in its examination of issues surrounding modern military hardware "falling through time" into previous wars.
    • No War, or Battle's Sound (Harry Harrison)
    • The Defenders (Philip K. Dick)
    • In the Name of the Father (Edward P. Hughes)
    • On the Shadow of a Phosphor Screen (William F. Wu): this one didn't really do anything for me -- the premise that major corporations would be willing to solve disputes based on the outcome of war games seems very weak to me.
    • The Specter General (Theodore R. Cogswell): this story is awesome. Loved it.
    • Fixed Price War (Charles Sheffield)
    • The Long Watch (Robert A. Heinlein)
    • The Machine that Won the War (Isaac Asimov): included in Robot Dreams, as discussed in my list of Asimov Robot Stories.
    [award: nebula_novella nominee 1968 (Hawk Among the Sparrows); nebula_short_story nominee1973 (Shark); locus_short_story nominee 1978 (Ender's Game)]

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    ### Deektec

    I had much the same experience with this book as you did. I read it as a kid and several of the stories captured my imagination. It was this book that led me to some of my favorite authors and extended series. I bought a copy on Amazon a few years ago and push it on people who express even the slightest interest. With all the "Hunger Games" mania I really want to just want to hand people "The Survivor" to show them a much better story in that vein.

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