Blathering for Tuesday, 15 July 2008

    15:30: Mikal shared: Teenager sets new Rubik's Cube world record |
      Have I mentioned that my sister in law is Australia's fastest rubiks cube solver? She's very good -- I can nearly solve the first to layers of the cube after only a few hours of tuition!

    17:45: Mikal shared: ABC Canberra - Free public transport worth re-considering: Stanhope
      Canberra has a problem with not enough people using the bus network. That's probably because various governments over the years have cut back the service to the point where its kind of useless. I have a bus option to the city every 30 minutes on a weekday morning, but have to wait an hour for a bus on the weekend to get to the closest town center. I think Stanhope is on the right track by examining pricing for the bus system, but he also needs to roll out a more useful network as well. Oh, and light rail would be nice too. kthxbye.

    21:45: Mikal shared: IPv6 routing history
      A graph of the number of unique prefixes in the IPv6 BGP "cloud". This is a measure of the number of networks currently using IPv6.

    21:45: Mikal shared: Default-free zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      I hadn't heard the term DFZ (Default Free Zone) until recently, and today decided it was time to find a good definition. I think this one is as good as any, and its an interesting read.

    23:15: Mikal shared: Chinese restaurant called TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR
      I dream of one day eating at that most remarkable of dining establishments: "translate server error".

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